App Development Guide for Future Unicorns: The Story of the Avocados App

1. The Idea

Avocados on Quora

2. Research & Validation

How to grow avocado tree?

3. Product

  • Free, But With In-App Advertising. In this case the app download is free but you make money by selling data-driven advertising space in your app.
  • Freemium. The app is also offered for free, but certain premium features cost money to be unlocked.
  • Paid. This simply means your app is not free to download. If people want to use it they must first purchase it from the app store.
  • In-App Purchases (Physical/Virtual). This strategy involves selling physical or virtual goods within your app, and then retaining the profits.

4. Design

  • Multiple avocado growing management
  • Sharing growing progress
  • Daily photos of avocados
  • What is the context of using my app?
  • How many taps or swipes would it take for the user to create their avocado profile?
  • How can a user discover new content?
  • How to increase the number of interactions with users to make them come back to the app more often?
  • Does my app offer something valuable to share?

5. Development

  • Bootstrap: raising money through your existing job, savings, investments or alternate business.
  • App contests: trying to find some app contests where the top ideas win money to fund development.
  • Angel or seed funding: finding individuals who invest in companies that have an idea, without a developed app.
  • Crowdfunding: using, for example, to raise funds for the development of your idea.
  • Native apps are developed for a specific platform — iOS, Android, TV, Desktop. An advantage of a native app is the optimized user experience, however native apps as more costly and time consuming.
  • Web apps include any website, that can have a responsive or adaptive design. One drawback of these is the reduced “discoverability” as it won’t be in any app stores.
  • Hybrid apps can be installed on a device like native apps can, but they run via a web browser. Hybrid apps are not as fast and smooth as native apps, but there’s a definite benefit in to having to build apps for separate native platforms.
  • Quality assurance and bug testing
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Load and stress testing
  • User interface
  • Usability

6. Marketing

7. Iterate

  • Notifications (onboarding and avocado growing status updates)
  • Reports for each avocado
  • Reports for all avocados
  • Option to generate a smooth video from taken photos day by day.


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